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Searching for a Pulse

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Published by Whitepoint Press, this 40-poem narrative—its cast of character also including Alice, Finn, Janet, and Ivan—follows Rosemary as she navigates a life defined and decided by depression.


From Michael Dennis' review:

“These poems are messy little cries for help wrapped in elegant tissue. These poems have a music all their own, it is a lulling dirge and it whispers you in.”


“Utterly charming in a Morticia Adams/Janice Joplin/Ann Sexton sort of way. There's some dark attraction to those obsessed with the dark attractions.”


"With no hope in sight that hope will prevail, Islam's characters spiral toward self-determined fates like Sufi dancers spinning towards the light."


From LibraryThing:

“The subject matter may not suit everyone, but Rosemary’s assertion that ‘some people were just never meant to be happy’ will resonate strongly with anyone who has suffered, or loved someone who has.”

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Listen to "No Forecast of Rain," a song by The Soloists based on the collection.

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