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Virginia Woolf Found Poem in Blood Orange Review

So pleased to share that I have a Virginia Woolf found poem in the new issue of Blood Orange Review! You can both read "The Playing-Field" and listen to me reading it online. Small fun fact: I pulled the title of my Woolf found poems collection from this poem.

Here is the a paragraph from The Waves that I used to write "The Playing-Field" with the words I selected in red:

'Now we move out of this cool temple, into the yellow playing-fields,' said Louis. 'And, as it is a half-holiday (the Duke's birthday) we will settle among the long grasses, while they play cricket. Could I be "they" I would choose it; I would buckle on my pads and stride across the playing-field at the head of the batsmen. Look now, how everybody follows Percival. He is heavy. He walks clumsily down the field, through the long grass, to where the great elm trees stand. His magnificence is that of some mediaeval commander. A wake of light seems to lie on the grass behind him. Look at us trooping after him, his faithful servants, to be shot like sheep, for he will certainly attempt some forlorn enterprise and die in battle. My heart turns rough; it abrades my side like a file with two edges: one, that I adore his magnificence; the other I despise his slovenly accents—I who am so much his superior—and am jealous.'

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