• Nazifa Islam

Paintings in Crab Fat Magazine

Check out my two paintings in the latest issue of Crab Fat Magazine! One is rather morbidly titled "Mrs. Thorwald" while the other is a part of a series of black and white paintings I've been working on for a few years now.

Both paintings were created back in my Ann Arbor days. I know for a fact that I painted "Mrs. Thorwald" soon after watching Rear Window for the first time. To jog your memory, the woman murdered at the beginning of the movie is named Mrs. Thorwald. Yes, I know. Morbid.

I don't have as good a story for the Black/White #7 painting. I do remember that it was one of the first paintings I ever sold though. So that's happy.

Maybe happy enough to counterbalance the darkness of "Mrs. Thorwald"?

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