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Poems in Inferior Planets

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I have four poems in the latest issue of Inferior Planets! You can read them online now.

Three of the poems—“Early Spring,” “Caesura,” and “Even the Embers Are Dead”—meditate on loss and grief and memory while “Delving the Hinterlands” is a little more whimsical. It still touches on longing—most of my work touches on longing—but it’s not as sad. It dips into fairyland ever so slightly.

Those first three poems I mention are all from my graduate school thesis while "Delving the Hinterlands" is one of the first completed poems I wrote following grad school. By "completed" I just mean that I actually liked it and thought it stood on its own. It felt finished.

I wrote it in response to a prompt asking for a poem that used the phrase "I like" repeatedly. Prompts are, in my opinion, immensely helpful when it comes to writing. Inspiration is rarely just sitting there waiting to be picked up.

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