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Virginia Woolf Found Poem in Figure 1

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

My found poem "This Is Us" was published by Figure 1 just a couple days ago. I very deliberately picked the paragraph for this poem; I wanted a paragraph that had a lot of "we"s in it. So a search for a "we"-heavy paragraph led me to the following paragraph from The Wavesthe words I selected are in red:

"'Now we have fallen through the tree-tops to the earth. The air no longer rolls its long, unhappy, purple waves over us. We touch earth; we tread ground. That is the close-clipped hedge of the ladies' garden. There they walk at noon, with scissors, clipping roses. Now we are in the ringed wood with the wall round it. This is Elvedon. I have seen signposts at the cross-roads with one arm pointing "To Elvedon". No one has been there. The ferns smell very strong, and there are red funguses growing beneath them. Now we wake the sleeping daws who have never seen a human form; now we tread on rotten oak apples, red with age and slippery. There is a ring of wall round this wood; nobody comes here. Listen! That is the flop of a giant toad in the undergrowth; that is the patter of some primeval fir-cone falling to rot among the ferns."

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