Paintings in The Critical Pass Review

I have some art in the Fall 2014 Issue of The Critical Pass Review! It would be just loverly if you gave the two paintings a gander. You can find “Black/White #2” on page 21 while “#67” is on page 28. I'd direct you right to those pages but, alas, that's not possible. If you want to get right to my work, I recommend scrolling through the lit mag's thumbnails—that seems to be the quickest way to navigate. #publication #paintings

Musical Ekphrasis: "No Forecast of Rain" by The Soloists

I’m about to announce month-old news! Aren’t you excited? Aren’t your eyes wide with barely-contained glee? Isn’t this the kind of build-up you wish every single blog post led with? Okay, I’ll stop being clever now. Or “clever” is probably more accurate. Ahem. Anyways. In order to properly explain this news I need to introduce you to The Soloists. They’re a band from Novi, Michigan made up of the talented Eric VanBuhler and Pat Kochyan. The three of us went to high school together actually, and they’re not only the nicest dudes, but they make really great music together. If you only listen to one of their songs—though that’s madness in my opinion—you should check out “Drawn to the Sea” from